This police thriller takes us through the story of Matt Jones, our hero. The books starts as Matt heads to a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles to celebrate with an old time friend and partner his recent promotion to the homicide division of hollywood. As he sits at the bar to wait for his friend, he gets a call from his new boss asking him to start early and head to a crime scene a few blocks away. Matt agrees, sends a message to his friend cancelling the celebration and heads out to the crime scene. Straight across a community police station, a black SUV is filled with bullets from an automatic weapon and, inside, a body that can’t be identified due to the amount of bullets in it.

As Matt gets more information from the other officers on the scene, he finds a cell phone in the car that will start a long journey through over sixty chapters. The investigation has a bit of everything: a hard time with the new partner, problems with other cops, a serial killer, a robber accused of murder who swears innocence and shattered emotions, family stories and romances.

Chapters are mostly short, always from Matt’s perspective although the narrator is not Matt himself. As the reader follows along the book, it becomes evident as mysteries unfold that things are more complicated than they looked. Although not a fantastic storyline, the book mixes a good balance to keep you entertained and wondering what is next. It’s not a long read nor one that you’ll want to reread but it is quite an enjoyable time killer for a 5 hours flight or similar.