The first book of a series called The Dark Cycle, Darkness Brutal sets the tone in the first few sentences. We are following a hero who speaks in first person, can see demons, and doesn’t look like a model citizen. We find out quickly that our hero can not only see demons, he can fight them, imprison them and cast spells on them. We find out he has a sister and a mother most likely dead and he can speak Latin.

As we follow Aidan, our hero, we discover a world that is hidden from most people filled with demons, super natural items and powers and beings and some people who are not quite as unknowing as the rest of humanity. Aidan has special skill he uses to protect of his little sister and even if he doesn’t quite understand why what is happening to him is taking place. Her birthday is coming up and that is a big deal even though he can’t quite tell why or what is going to happen. Through the story, Aidan will find new allies and understand better the world he is in and his own powers. In very typical teenager supernatural book, there is a love story with serious and dangerous consequences, enemies that endanger all our hero loves, friends and allies that will sacrifice themselves to save our hero and values that can help mitigate the risks.

Unlike Marked from The Servants of Fate, this book dwells into the demonic and supernatural worlds of heaven and hell with a clear view on right and wrong. The lack of a balance of view points is likely the main reason why I found Marked a lot more fun and attractive. If you like supernatural demonic against angels type of stories, this one might be for you. It’s a short 4 hours read most likely and pretty much only kills time. No big questions or even exciting new things to look for after.