This exciting thriller is written under the point of view of Reece “Pieces" Johnston, a fairly famous author who managed to publish a best seller (The Damned) around 8 years prior to the books’ events and has been living out of its fame. The book starts telling us the story of Reece's young childhood and how he lost his mother and two older brothers to a fire and developed a pyromaniac pathology that haunts him since then. Because of it, he has gone through 2 periods in psychological treatment that included shock therapy leaving him with some gaps in memory. His pathology also cost him his marriage just before the second treatment when his wife left him and took his daughter away shortly before he finally wrote and published "The Damned".
For 8 years they were apart and we get back into the history just a couple of months after they get back together. Reece is now famous and well established financially (which was not the case upon the divorce). His pathology is apparently under control. His life is finally aligning from his point of view.

The book lasts around roughly 24 hours that start when his ex-wife, now current girlfriend, Lisa, leaves her house with their daughter and her mother to get eye surgery, leaving him alone with her dog, Frankie with whom Reece has imaginary conversations. But Frankie is not the only one with whom Reece imagines talking to. He also chats frequently with his recently deceased father. Over the following 80 chapters, Reece leads us through his day and his encounters with his wife's ex-boyfriend, David, also an author but who never reached success of whom Reece is amazingly jealous of. Reece's jealousy reignites his burning desire for fire. The text is composed of very few longer chapters and accelerating short chapters that drive the intensity of the actions that take place. Never fully certain that Reece's mind is playing tricks on him and never fully confident on the events, the thriller keeps the reader hooked by quickly alternating possibilities and doubts. Unbeliveable events and weird time loses keep the reader wondering what the hell is actually going on.

A very entretaining novel full of mysteries, revelations and action. The protagonist bounces between good and evil so much that we never know what to expect next. A gran finale full of unexpected turn arounds keeps the reader hooked until the end.
Very enjoyable light read even if it does point out serious issues into mental health treatments, jealousy, hate and love. Although it has a lot of chapters, the majority are very short chapters which makes this book an 8 to 10 hours read which picks up pace as you get through the book. Recommend it for some nice dark but fun story.