A nice fiction romance drags the reader through the Romeo and Juliet story of Cacy Ferry and Eli Margolis. Written in third person but with a narrator that alternates the view points of the story between Cacy and Eli’s make the feeling almost like a first person narration with some detachment.
Their surroundings reveal a post semi apocalyptic future in which Kers, ruled by Jason Moros, and Ferrys, under the command of Patrick Ferry, Cacy's father, respectively mark humans fated to death and lead them to heaven or hell in exchange for afterlife coins which enrich them in the human world.

The plot surrounds Eli and Cacy getting to know each other and work together as paramedics. Eli discovering this semi afterlife world in which Kers and Ferrys work and Cacy finding out about his past and present and the role his sister, Galena, has in the world.

Overall a short and entertaining romance with some paranormal activities. An unexpected event by 2/3 of the book marks a clear desire for a second book which the author should publish around April 2015. The epilogue unravels a lot of questions that make you want to read the second book immediately. Entertaining and fun with a couple hot sex scenes, this is a nice ~8 hours book to have a light read.