Another Kindle First book fiction that deals with super natural. The Einstein prophecy starts at the end of World War II west of Strasbourg with a team of allied soldiers in quest for some items that the nazi’s had stolen a few years back. In this case, our hero, Lucas Athan, is looking specifically for some ossuary that Hitler seemed to have a high esteem for. With a few hints of something not very normal going on, Lucas finds the ossuary but it comes at a cost. Fast forward a few months, Lucas is now a professor at Princeton where he shares the campus with Albert Einstein.
By chapter 3, a quick shift in the story introduces to us our other hero, Simone Rashid, a strong Egyptian woman holding the chairman office for the National Affairs Department at the University of Cairo. She’s on a red cross ship bringing her and her father to the U.S. And she knows more than others about the cargo they’re bringing along with the injured ones.

As the book moves along, we see the story of Lucas and Simone intertwine. Together they’ll discover the mysteries of the ossuary and a few other events that escape our understanding of physics and rationality while also learning about carbon-14 technology and some wide and strong alliances of great mathematical minds of that time.

The book flows very well with a lot of good action scenes and some romance. The super natural events are nicely built around a mythical story on demons and Egyptian history. To me It was a fun read that I would recommend if you’re hoping for some entertainment touching Egyptian mythology and some history around the work performance by scientists at the end of the second great war.