The sequence from Marked follows a very similar style and story line. Marked had focused on Eli and Cacy and their growing romance. Eli being a new firefighter/rescuer in Boston and Cacy Ferry, the daughter of the most powerful man in Boston and his co-worker.
Our focus this time is on Galena, Eli's sister, and Chief Declan Ferry, Eli's boss and Cacy's brother. Galena is leading one of the most important researches in biotech for mankind and such position made her an important target for both Keres (dead humans kept alive by Jason Moros whose mission is to kill people who have been marked to die) and Ferrys (immortal humans charged of sending recently dead souls to heaven or hell according to the actions of their life). With Eli as a Ker, Moros swearing to protect Galena and some of the Ferry family on her side, she tries to continue her work and find a cure to the mutating disease that has been killing so many humans.

As with Marked, Sarah Fine takes us on alternating chapters that follow either Galena or Declan as Galena struggles to overcome her past while falling for Declan and he tries to protect her from anybody who wishes her harm. It turns out, it won't be easy for either of them and the book takes us on a journey filled with explosions, some quite erotic scenes, attempted murders, memories, treason, attacks, escapes and a very complicated net of events that make it very hard to trust anyone.

As with the first book, the 37 chapters of this one go by really fast. Read the first book if you haven't and enjoy that you can read this one right after. The balance of romance, action and politics keeps the reader involved in many events and trying to figure out who is doing what and how Dec and Galena will escape it.

The third and last part of the trilogy called Fathed is supposed to come out in December and I would guess that we will focus on Jason Moros and Aislin Ferry as they try to ensure their respective reigns are in order and functioning under the threat of one or many of Moros' sisters.