The last book of the Servants of Fate follows, as predicted in Claimed, Aislin Ferry and Jason Moros, respectively Charon of the Ferrys and Lord of the Kere. They are both struggling to keep their power over their respective empires. While Aislin has to deal with family politics, Jason also has his own, quite different, family issues as one or more of his sisters are plotting against him and his Kere and he doesn't know how to reach them.

As with the previous books, Sara's style of alternating chapters between her two protagonists points of view allows her to play on each character's uncertainties, fears and desires. She also manages to hide details of the plot from the reader or exposing them while hiding them from her characters very nicely.

As with the previous books, Fated keeps a fast paced rhythm, a few erotic chapters and a lot of action. It's easy to follow the book even though, by mid book, the reader gets quite puzzled into why the book isn't over yet. The ending is not very surprising once you get there but it is not easily guessable before you start.

As with the two previous ones, I devoured this in a matter of hours stopping only when I had no choice. It is not your super exciting book that you need to re-read many times but it surely makes for a very entretaining few hours and a quite dreamy description of worlds that might be.

In short, if you're into fantasy read the first book (Marked). If you like it, don't hesitate and get the other two (Claimed and Fated) and devour as your time allows. It'll feel great to read and you won't regret deeply not having another one to read.